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Pregnant woman in dress with ultrasound image. Mother with wicker basket of cute tiny stuf

We help 
prepare for POSTPARTUM

You already have the baby shower wrapped up (pun intended), and you've spent hours browsing online and in stores to make sure you have the right crib, car seat, stroller and nursery decor.


While these are all necessary baby items, they contribute very little to your postpartum mental health. 


You want to start planning.

But you don't know where to even begin. 

We can help
you get a
jump start!

Gain access to our 
featuring guides that
focus your attention where it
really matters.

Image by Brooke Lark


A robust library full of educational tips, insights, and digital planning downloads. ​


  • Questions to ask during a pediatrician consult

  • In-depth tutorials explaining various postpartum professionals and how to know when to call on each of them

  • Tutorial walking you through all the ins and outs of different childcare options (daycare vs nanny vs friends/parents)

Lifetime access at your leisure for one low price.


We don't sell you a bunch of digital downloads and call it a day.
individual consulting 
also available for those who prefer a morhands on approach.

consulting options




Consulting Pro Re Nata (PRN)

You need a consulting call, you get a consulting call. 

$60/30 minutes


Quarterly Consulting

Package including 5 consulting calls

(30 minutes each).

Space them out during pregnancy and even save a few for the 4th  & 5th trimesters.

*4th trimester (0-3 months postpartum)

*5th trimester (3-6 months postpartum)

$225 for 5 consulting calls

Together, we will assembly a


Everyone's team looks a bit different because every pregnancy is different.


We work with you to identify who you need on your POSTPARTUM PRO TEAM. 

Dive deep into postpartum planning....

                                                                 ....where most would never think to go.

  • Prenatal Lactation Consultations

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - prenatally and postpartum

  • Doula services - prenatal, birth and postpartum

  • Pros and Cons of childcare options - daycare vs in-home nanny vs friends/family/grandparents

  • Prenatal Pediatrician Consult Calls

  • Night Nurse services

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